KoreanTV: Grieving R Us

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Early on in my KoreanTV viewing, I noted how there is a very strong cultural practice of honoring/celebrating the anniversary of someone’s death. (I’m not sure how they limit this so that there isn’t one every day. I think people are responsible for memorializing particular relationships.)

I’m now noting how much emphasis they put on processing endings. They will celebrate divorces and the anniversaries of divorces. Even romantic break ups. Friends will get together and the person who has gone through a break up is the center of attention. They are encouraged to cry, to sing mournful songs, to drink, to get hugs from their friends, etc. Everyone there listens, cries with them, sings along. They are all holding the space for their friend to process a loss and be able to move on.

It is generally depicted as stifling if you haven’t done something like this. There are references to still being in the old relationship if you haven’t actively grieved and let it go. If you are still in that old relationship, your friends will not see you as ready for a new one. They will discourage you, as they think you will hurt yourself and the other person because you are still emotionally in the old relationship.

I have a great appreciation for their proactive grieving; making space for that.


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