Korean: I Want To Learn

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I’ve decided to learn how to read Korean. I doubt I’ll ever go to Korea. Something about this language intrigues me. I like to exercise my brain as part of fighting the damage happening due to my auto-immune disorder. But, I can’t really say how I landed on this Korean interest.

Korean is an isolated language. That is, it’s not related to any of the Chinese languages, even though Korea is a peninsula off the Chinese mainland. It’s not related to Japanese, either. They started off using Chinese characters for their writing, but a Korean king in the 1400s decided that Chinese writing was unnecessarily complicated and created a barrier to most people learning to read and write. He developed a very methodical written language. Linguists consider it the most “logical, consistent and elegant” written language. Having heard that, I’m intrigued enough to try and learn it.



from FB post 1/7/17

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