KoreanTV: Generation Viewing Gap

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One very fun aspect of my little Korean TV spree is witnessing Zuna’s boy-watching. As a parent, it’s interesting to see who she reacts to as attractive and who she doesn’t.

Also, fun to note how different it is for a 54 year old and a 17 year old. I’m far more intrigued by people who look interesting than by people who look “pretty”. So many of the actors just look like kids to me. S Korea seems to rarely embrace the idea of actors over 35 being leads. Anyone over 40 is usually a supporting or very limited role and is a “character”, not to be considered as love interests. So, I’m on the 90% “meh” factor to her “oooh!” factor.

Also, she says, “hello!”, in that “come hither” voice when someone she finds attractive appears on the screen and I find myself laughing so hard (on the inside.) Whose child is this?! She cracks me up.


from FB post 12/21/16

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