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Additional things S Korean TV wants to teach us:

They had really cool shoes back in the day. A fine motivation for time travel would be to collect shoes from the early Joseon Era. Awesome leather work  and no high heels.

You might want to avoid S Korea from the age of 18-35. There are very high death rates in this age group. If you fall in love, there is about a 75% chance that one of the two of you will die before reaching 35. This may be why so many S Koreans aspire to study abroad for college and return home much later.

Ladies, something special for you in S Korea: men have an innate sense of your shoe size. You can look forward to them buying you perfectly fitting shoes even if they barely know you. Make sure to have plenty of shoe racks in your apartment.

If you haven’t met your first love, it’s because you forgot to wrap your fingernails in flower juice and not wash them until the first snow. (I’m not sure what flower juice is, but you wrap your finger tips with leaves, tie them with twine and only your fingernails get stained. Pretty nifty.)

Walking a few steps behind someone is a special sign of affection, not stalking. Got it?


from FB post 11/27/16

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