KoreanTV: A Storytelling Frustration

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Frustrating thing about Korean TV: they introduce potentially interesting story lines, with intriguing characters which draw you in feeling that some great storytelling could happen. Then, 2/3 or 3/4 of the way through, they chicken out of the difficult, subtle humanistic workings of the context and dive into vapid tropes. Often, having very wonderful characters suddenly behave out of character in order to drive the plot to a contrived conclusion. Okay, all stories are contrived. A contrived setup is one thing. A contrived conclusion which doesn’t fit the contrived context and characters rips you out of the “willing suspension of disbelief” mode and it’s thoroughly frustrating.

Now, I really get why fan fiction exists. I feel like rewriting the last sections of almost every Korean drama I’ve watched.


from FB post 11/21/16

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