Korean TV: Child Loss, Piggyback, Ambulances, First Aid …

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Further Korean TV edumacation:

In Korea, mothers lose their children quite frequently.

At any given time, you should see at least 3 people carrying a drunken or injured person via piggyback.

If you come upon someone who has been in accident and seems really injured, the thing to do is shake them a lot, then try to make them stand up and walk. If these fail to bring recovery then you carry them. You know how from the previous lesson. The jostling is sure to be quite healing.

Ambulances are over-rated except as tools to secretly enter or exit places.

Dr. Who fans should be excited to know that Koreans have mastered some Timelord technology. No matter how many closets or rooms full of belongings you have, when you need to pack everything you own in an emergency, the wildly popular Tardis Suitcase will hold it all. Seriously bigger on the inside!

If you ever feel the urge to run into someone you haven’t seen in a while , go to the hospital. Everybody is there, all the time. You can’t miss them!

But if you’re seeking a patient you’re worried about, they got up and left the moment they regained consciousness and you’ll never find them.


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