KoreanTV: Clothed Sex, That’s Not Tea, Work Apparel …

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Further Korean TV edumacation:

Koreans all drive manual transmission and grinding gears is de rigeur. (My backwards American father taught me not to grind gears. How passé! Maybe there is a national commitment to keeping auto repair shops in business over there.)

Sex happens while fully clothed; or you immediately put all your clothes back on for sleeping, even if it’s a 3-piece suit. (Okay, okay, its been a while, so maybe I’ve pathetically enhanced my remembrances, but I thought that skin-to-skin sleeping is one of the loveliest part of having an intimate partner. Perhaps I really froze all those years and should have known to put my clothing back on. I can be a little dense sometimes.)

Teapots are not as innocent as you think. All those people going out and having “tea”? Not so much. Those dainty cups are packing a punch. (I’ve been missing out. I really drink tea. No wonder other tea drinkers seem to be having more fun.)

Men in America need to step it up in the professional dress arena. Suits in Korea might have big lettering on the back. All kinds of funky geometric striping and wild color combinations. What’s with all this plain blue and gray here? I knew I hated the business look for a reason.

Teacher wear shorts to work. (That might be one motivation for becoming a teacher.)

No adults looks anything like they did before they were 18. So, if you knew someone in childhood, even high school, you will never recognize them as an adult. They will be utter strangers and you’ll only figure out that you once knew each other through some random coincidence of having saved the same photo or recognizing a unique scar. Then you’ll realize how profoundly close you were and that you’ve been searching for each other for all those years. Even if they were siblings from whom you were separated.


from FB post 11/2/16

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