KoreanTV: Passing Out, Driving, Twilight Zone ….

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More Korean TV edumacation:

If you are exposed to weather for an hour, you will pass out and be near death.

If you get very emotional, you will pass out.

If you have any type of fall, you will pass out.

Passing out is a daily occurrence in Korea.

If you’re driving down a 3-lane busy roadway and feel like stopping in the middle of the road, go ahead. No problem.

There are no speed limits in Korea.

Seoul must be only 4 square blocks because whenever you want to wander alone, you will always run into the people you know. And if you’re looking for someone, you will find them lickety split. Don’t try running away, there is nowhere to go.

The only romantic vacation spot in S. Korea is Jeju Island.

Cats don’t need litter boxes.


from FB post 10/28/16

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