KoreanTV: Amnesia, Footwear, Bed Steamers ….

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More things I’m learning from Korean TV:

Amnesia happens all.the.time.

You can be barefoot when you work at a food service counter.

If you enter someone’s home with your shoes on, it’s trespassing.

If you pursue happiness, someone who loves you will extract a price so that your happiness is tainted.

Lips are a passive agent in kissing.

Whenever you feel hurt, sad, scared or vulnerable in any way, the appropriate response is to be mean to people.

Korean beds must have steamers in them because you can sleep in your clothes and wake up with them wrinkle free.

Hair covering at least one eye is cool. Parting your hair so that you might keep it out of your eyes is repulsive.

Socks are over-rated.


from FB post 10/23/16

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