Overcoats, PJs, IVs and more

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Some things I’m learning from South Korean TV:

Overcoats are to be worn inside.

If you have a secret co-conspirator, you best maintain that secrecy with dramatic nods and winks while in the presence of those you are conspiring against.

Whenever you feel the least bit ill or get the smallest of injury, rush to the hospital for an IV. You can always go home with it, if you don’t like being in the hospital.

Pajamas are over-rated. Everyone sleeps in their clothes.

Grabbing someone’s wrist is the best way to get their attention. If you jerk the wrist really hard as they pass you, they’ll realize how much you mean to them.

You should have food dribbling out of your mouth when talking while eating. If not, it’s because you haven’t shoved enough in, yet.

Suppressed anger is always revealed in a clenched fist.

Even if you’re running into the house on the verge of violently vomiting, take the time to unlace those boots and change into slippers.

Cows eat live octopus.

If you unbutton your collar, no one will realize that you aren’t the same person they were talking to 5 seconds ago.

If you wear your hair down rather than up or up rather than down, no one will be able to tell that you’re female, any longer.


from FB post of 10/14/16

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