Escapism: Korean TV

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Life has dealt me a challenging hand in the last few weeks: two deaths, hospitalizations, breast cancer, unscheduled dental surgeries, work with a very stress-inducing client, a chest cold thing that is taking forever to get rid of, increased financial stress, the re-emergence of symptoms that had disappeared, and loss (hopefully temporary) of medical treatment due to an insurance provider change.

I’ve been exhausted and seeking escapism. Usually that would mean knitting and sci fi. This time I’ve been binging on Korean TV productions. Not knitting much because of subtitles.

It’s been fun to delve into the cultural, production and storytelling differences. But, the shows I’ve been able to find all have a romance theme. Not my cup of tea. A lot of how romance is portrayed is problematic to me.

Yet, even with some of the elements I can’t stomach, I’ve been enjoying them. I wondered why. So, I was watching myself watching one.

The parts that I seem to be enjoying the most are the moments of people getting to know each other and realizing they are attracted. That little excitement of “oh, I feel this? Do they?”

I haven’t experienced much of that in the last fifteen years. Maybe two or three times. Perhaps I’m watching these things to remind myself about it. As if vicariously feeling it, I might unlock a door.


from FB, 9/29/16

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