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Have you ever heard of a civilization which collapsed because of a lack of personal responsibility on the part of those in the lower economic classes? If so, please give citations.

Other historical citations I would appreciate:

  • the civilization which collapsed because of an epidemic of laziness;
  • the economy which left everyone starving and homeless because everyone was paid a living wage;
  • the time when men were horribly persecuted on a massive scale due to over-prosecution of rape accusations;
  • the society which died out because women had too many abortions;
  • that humanity-scarring episode when immigrants destroyed a nation by taking all the jobs, going on uncontrollable crime sprees and using up all the public resources by needing too much medical care and food;
  • the case of the hyper-sexualized culture and inability to mature due to too much breastfeeding.

Perhaps you have more of these kinds of questions. I like to bring them up whenever people want to convince me that I should be worried about these things and focus on getting laws to protect us against them rather than focusing on the abuses committed by those wielding power via political position or overabundance of wealth.

I was told recently that I must not care about personal responsibility when someone was concerned about the overturning of the Wisconsin voter ID laws. He was concerned about “illegal immigrants” committing voter fraud. I agreed with the judge’s ruling that it places too much of a barrier to participation on those with the least personal power. I am also not concerned about who votes, as long as people are only voting once. The people voting more than once are those voting with their bank accounts, not those trying to participate at all.

Derailing the debate by accusing me of having no appreciation for personal responsibility is both inappropriate (because it is moves from a political discussion to a character assassination – bait I won’t take) and a diversion from the real issue: if you want to spend some of your energy on politics, learn what has caused societies to fall apart in the past and focus on those types of things. not these meaningless red herrings.

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